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A town in South East England where the bling people wear is actually Argos, 4ct yellow-coated lead and the hoop earrings are so big that people’s ears look like those of the Yanomami Indians who stretch them for traditional purposes. I grew up here and am mentally scarred for life by the sheer amount of… Read more »

the truth of Faversham/Chavasham

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I’ve always lived in faversham and i can say it is a s**t hole, but i honestly love it. whats a town with out a bit of banter, fighting, drinking and drugs? -a very boring one. a few stabbings and some vandalism are faversham, and were not ‘chavs’ maybe were comftable wearing trakies and a… Read more »

Chatham, Kent. Aka Chavham

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                        Chatham A.K.A Chavham When people think of Chatham you think of the Dockyard or something associated with naval ships. Now days it isn’t, it is nowadays embarrassing, not safe for children, full of crime. It may not have as much crime as major cities… Read more »

Ramsgate – the town of no hope

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Ramsgate is one of those contradictions that sociologists may find fertile ground for their studies. On the face of it, it’s a pleasant town in a rather fortunate location on the coast of Kent. What’s more, it boasts some pretty impressive architecture and, if remote is your kind of thing, then it may be the… Read more »