Living in Forth, Scotland

Forth – a grey & moribund carbuncle on the arse-end of Scotland

Forth Village residents range from angry old people visibly flustered that the Grim Reaper has overlooked them, to young delinquents and single mums on benefits chugging Buckfast.

Living in Brechin, Scotland

Brechin is home to people who have nowhere else to go

If you are planning to come to Brechin, be prepared to leave with a wee child and some kind of drug addiction.

Living in Arbroath, Scotland

Arbroath: a mixture of racists and junkies

The people of Arbroath are ignorant and arrogant and it is like being transported back in time to the medieval era.

Scottish Highlands: the awful truth

Highlands of Scotland: THE AWFUL TRUTH

The Highlands, a nice place for a short holiday, there a few nice walks, beaches, but if you move there, expect things to go downhill.

Worst place to live in Scotland 2017 Poll

Worst place to live in Scotland 2017 Poll

We've often been told that we have neglected bonny Scotland, so for the first time you can vote for the worst godforsaken sh*thole.