Birkdale, Merseyside

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Birkdale, Merseyside, Property Guide

Birkdale is the posh neighbour of Southport. At least it is in the mind of the select inbred Tarquins and Anabellas who live within its leafy streets, nobody around here has a job because they have grown rich many years ago on the profits of others work or just inherited a pile from their satanic… Read more »

One fine Sunday in Merseyside

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I live in Liverpool in a lovely historic houseo towards the southern sub urban and rarely venture out to merseyside due to the filthy chav society it you can call it that. As I recently moved to Liverpool , the are is somewhat unfamiliar to me so I decided to take a drive one lovely… Read more »


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I have mixed feelings on both this topic, the places named and the responses given to the top 10 worst places to live. To be honest, I actually moved away from the Liverpool area, incidentally, Birkenhead is where I’m from. They call us plastic scousers up there because we have the accent but we dont… Read more »

Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port

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Situated on the north side of the shitehole that is “The Port” is the dump that sports the north wests hub of teenage miscreants. Extensive 50 year olds with long hair and trackies make it an every day site here. The beautiful locale of The Marquis houses some of the ports finest. Constant 24/7 ambulance… Read more »