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One fine Sunday in Merseyside

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I live in Liverpool in a lovely historic houseo towards the southern sub urban and rarely venture out to merseyside due to the filthy chav society it you can call it that.

As I recently moved to Liverpool , the are is somewhat unfamiliar to me so I decided to take a drive one lovely sunday afternoon .

I was driving near princes park and lost my way ,the turning I took must have been wrong because I ended up in Merseyside which seemed to be a very unsavoury place even at the best of times but today many hooded youths lined the streets clad in flashy Nike shoes and apparel of Fred perry.

Down a shady street , each side of me houses were evident with squalor and decay ,men in grubby tank tops squatted in filth and every so often a house looked nice with a flashy car so I was able to determine where drug lords lived determined with the squalor of the rest of the council estate .

The further I drove in to hell the more I wanted to be far far away from Merseyside .Eventually I reached a place where a group of eight or nine youths loitered next to a red golf and a blue golf both of which were engineered with brightly coloured wheel rims and spoilers .

I decided to ask directions and rolled my car window to converse with these young men , as I drew near the youths stopped kicking their larger cans and all turned to stare at me threateningly.”Excuse me lads I am lost and wondered if you could give me directions to the city centre , to which one said in a dialect I was unfamiliar with although I picked up the jist ” Mate I will put a bottle in Your throat, me and the Mersey Crew will batter you ” The youth kicked my car and tried to force the door open, which I thank god was locked and drove , I put a few miles between me and the “Mersey crew” when I realised I was driving in more familiar teritory.

The moral of the story never go to Merseyside i beg unless you a) are six foot nine and are knotted with muscle or b) if you want to get “battered”

Bootle – The land that time and government forgot

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Being born in Bootle I was always instilled with a hearty sense of distrust for government and in general the rich who are seemingly left to run this country.

As I was growing up it was de-facto agreed upon that I would vote labour to keep the tory bastards out of government. As I have grown up, I now see that all politicians are basically unconcerned with the suburban areas surrounding cities, and sefton (which includes Bootle, Litherland, Waterloo, Crosby, Netherton, Maghul, Formby, Southport etc) is as good an example of this as any.

I’m not going to sit on here and basically slag off the scal or ‘chav’ population of this borough – I think that’d be cowardly as well as pointless, but what I will say is our local area that stretches from Bootle to Southport is one of the most deprived in the country – surely?

For me the real crooks are the politicians who have seemingly made it their duty to royally f**k up everything in sight round here. No jobs, no culture, barely anywhere decent to get anything to eat – except for the Subway and McDonalds that litters (pun absolutely intended) Stanley Road.

Widescale re-development underpins the council’s aims, but as you take a stroll through any given area you are quick to find thousands of homes closed down, boarded up and desolate. Great! Kids and adults alike hang around scared of people who are slightly different than them, threatened by people who actually get on the number 52 bus into town to look for work, better prospects, or a ticket way the hell out of here.

I’ve spent quite some time in pubs round here, namely the Red Lion, the Merton, and the god-awful hellhole that was ‘Sullys’ (thank f**k it’s closed, half of it is now a Costa coffee – which is often still treated with suspicion and distrust) and every single one of them is a huge f**king s**thole. My local ‘The Netherton’, (which is great for informal and unexpected school reunions) plays ABBA on the jukebox all Friday night, and is now completely teeming with small time coke dealers who hang around in the toilets drinking Stella asking if you’re ‘after anything lad’. One time I was in a taxi on the way home from town and I saw a huge trail of blood outside ‘Sullys’, I jumped out to see where the hell it had originated from, I found a bloke down an alleyway with his head caved in, a bottle of Peroni in his hand, desperately trying to find a lighter or match for his s**ttily rolled cigarette. He looked at me and asked if I had a light. I gave him 5 cigarettes and my lighter.

The cultural hub of the borough is undoubtedly the Strand. Here you can see 40 year old women who look 70 years old waiting in endless lines at Halifax, just itching for the chance to complain about the length of queues, the number of ‘poles’ who have ‘infested’ Liverpool, and still trying to smoke indoors. Shops numbered 5:1 in favour of ‘knock off boutiques’. The people who populate this barren wasteland of nothingness are some of the most strange, bizarre and downright frightening that England has to offer. Be careful as you zip past it on the bus, do not look any of the feral twats with overcoats on as they will sit next to you, stink the place up of piss, and chat to you about Snooker or Football or something else scousers are supposed to be interested in. There is not a shred of culture here – really, unless you count a GAME which is always full of little twats just playing Fifa12 on the Xbox 360 for free, until they are chased out, to which they often respond ‘c**t’ or something equally eloquent. There used to be a musiczone here, which I loved, and was in all honesty an escape from the totally s**t, depressing surroundings – I used to spend hours every Saturday afternoon picking out a few CD’s with my £10 of pocket money. Looking back on it, I honestly think that without a passion for music, I would have long went mad or just sucumbed to the peer pressure and became a toothless f**ker arguing about which of my 7 kids are cutest.

Bootle boasts quite a few names though, actor/poet/DJ Craig Charles, snooker player John Parrot, footballers Roy Evans, Steve McManaman, and Jamie Caragher, TV presenter Keith Chegwin, rock star Billy J. Kramer all hail from here. They were all part of a Bootle that was thriving and seething with righteous political anger – and now they’ve moved the f**k away, because it is s**t. During the recent ‘England riots’, the city centre (and Toxteth in particular) seemed to just go mental for no reason, well they did it here in Bootle too. Some complete c**t drove a JCB digger into the local post office cash machine and got it stuck. Some of the people round her are that thick they can’t aim a 2 tonne building device to break a piece of metal. I weep.

It makes me sad to think that my family have accepted, and in a way CHOSEN this s**thole as the place they want to live, I certainly don’t want to live here. I want to live somewhere good. It really is hell on Earth.
By: Craig


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I have mixed feelings on both this topic, the places named and the responses given to the top 10 worst places to live.

To be honest, I actually moved away from the Liverpool area, incidentally, Birkenhead is where I’m from. They call us plastic scousers up there because we have the accent but we dont actually live in the Liverpool district. Its over the river on a spot called the Wirral but still from there less than 10 mins on the train to the city centre. I moved away because Merseyside in general is full of no marks and the very few people there who just want to get on with there daily lives in peace are brought down by these losers or the utterly ruthless backstabbers because pretty much everyone in Liverpool and Birkenhead has a chip on their shoulder and its a very tough environment to live in. Nobody has much sympathy or empathy for anybody else and they seem to take the upmost in pleasure in anyone elses missfortune…and this is coming from a guy who’s dad does that very thing despite the fact that he didnt stick around when I was a child and after I got kicked out by my step dad from my mums home, he could have helped, but he didnt, and he has the cheek to laugh at me now when I struggle in life. And thats the type of people Liverpool people are, mostly.

I, on the other hand didnt fit in. I had general empathy for people who ever had any bad experiences but I was sick of not getting any back so thats why I moved, aswell as the fact that Birkenhead and Liverpool (but moreso Birkenhead) are full of hard faced people (especially the women), gangs of chavs, violence, drugs, theives, alcoholics and teenage pregnancy. Yeah, lovely place right? Ive even had 4 bycycles knicked in 5 years and all were locked up. There has got to be someone or some gang who are going out looking for bikes to steal and they have some kind of tool to break these locks. The last one I had was locked up with a big padlock outside the library while I was looking for jobs and the bastards sliced through the padlock somehow and I came back to a chain on the floor and my padlock shackle in clean pieces. This looked like a proffesional job. Liverpool has skilled thieves, I say that with experience!

2. I did wonder why at least Liverpool didnt show up here in this list, but Birkenhead…not on the list? Jeez man! Are you kidding me? What an utter lack of anything good Birkenhead is…no work, no money, the counsil are ruthless, so many calls for bailiffs, police everywhere you go (and yes that is a bad thing because they give trouble some of the momentum because being Liverpool people themselves, throw their authoritative weight heavily on people which riles more anger on an already hostile society). Birkenhead has a close knit community of people and everybody knows each other but that isnt necasarily a good thing, believe me. Rumours about people circulate and it causes trouble in and around the town. Ive seen it and even been a part of it on occasions and it isnt nice. There is constant fighting on a Fridy and saturday night, not to mention the assaults that constantly take place in the food shops over a girl or someone que jumping. Ive been assualted myself but that was simply because i was a little drunk and they took pleasure out of hitting me while I was impaired.

Finally, although I am glad to put Merseyside behind me, I do actually think the whole country has become a generally negative place to be and for me, it doesnt matter where in this country I am anymore, I am not happy in general because of the leaders who run it. Many people pick out areas of the country and blame the people who live there…well I say blame government. Its not the people who have done this. They are just unfortunate pawns of the bigger picture. The whole country is in a right state. Personally, I’m planning on moving away anyway.

By: Lee G

Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port

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Situated on the north side of the s**tehole that is “The Port” is the dump that sports the north wests hub of teenage miscreants. Extensive 50 year olds with long hair and trackies make it an every day site here. The beautiful locale of The Marquis houses some of the ports finest. Constant 24/7 ambulance service is on hand for those needy folk that have got themselves caught up in the daily drug deals. Heath Lane or Chavvy Chinatown is home to the greatest number of mentally challenged organisms this side of the Danube. All in all it is a crap hole. Come and visit. You will be welcomed with open arms!
By: jackmatt

Liverpool – Toxteth

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I had the misfortune of living in Toxteh -actually an area called ‘Canning’ which the city tried to promote as the ‘Georgian Quarter’ due to the 19th century houses. A lot of people who lived in Canning tried to pretend that it wasn’t Toxteth, but it was.
Oh my god, what a s**thole. It’s a very high crime area, with way above average burglaries, robberies and vehicle crime. There was way more drug use and prostitution than in other cities i have lived in in the UK.
The locals (black and white) are a bunch of complaining, lazy, brain dead, dirty, twats. I have never known people to be more self obsessed and inward looking. Toxteth is like the archetypal ‘village’ with its inhabitants hating outsiders and change and with none of them having more than about 2 brain cells to rub together.
And don’t get me started on their self pitying-just google the dead baby/chicken fetus story. What a bunch of morons-i really hated living there and i have lived in many cities around the UK, including London, Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds and none of their inhabitants have the self obsessed, self pitying attitude that scousers do. And so many scousers are thieves-you have really got to have your wits about you or you WILL end up a victim of crime, as i was several times.
In Liverpool if you really want to be unpopular, just say ‘job’ . Most scousers are totally resistant to working for a living and many think that they have a right to benefits, even if they, and their families, have never worked a day in their life. Of course they can’t manage on benefits (get to get the money for the fags, booze and plasma TV from somewhere) so they are invariably involved in crime to supplement their benefit ‘income’
Bunch of losers-and i am afraid that i would have to apply the above to nearly all the people in Liverpool, though i do appreciate that some scousers are decent. No wonder so many leave this s**t hole of a city-including ALL celebrities.
God i will never return to that place-it gives me nightmares,