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well basically its not your typical council tower blocks kinda place. when everyone thinks of Bournemouth they think Sunny Sunny Bournemouth, its more like crappy crappy Bournemouth. When you’ve lived there for 16yrs of your life the pleasentness would of worn off years ago.
You get to know about the rough areas such as Kinson, Winton, West Howe, East Howe, Ensbury Park, Charminster, Throot, Boscombe, Southbourne, Beaufort and who can forget the town centre. So basically is the whole area….
I think recently Bournemouth was voted a great place to live on a big pole…What the hell happened there then? if the chavs aren’t at the local shops they’ll be on the corners, if they’re not on the corners they’ll be at the parks, if not there then you better fu***ng run home cuz they’ll be following you.
Yeah its true the housing areas are better and we don’t have tower blocks but that doesn’t mean life gets better than in Birmingham or any other crap whole of England… not saying that the sun doesn’t shine out of Birminghams arse but its not that bloody great. I used to be one of ‘em when i was a lil’ s**t and i live in a nicer area than some of the proud Bournemouth area. and these films coming out just ain’t helping like Green Street and Football Factory. All its f**king doing people is physcing up these assholels.
I know all the crew on my road and we all used to skate together and do random s**t. Now all i see ‘em doing is just fuc***g around on the corner with crappy cars and lawnmower mopeds. don’t they understand they SOUND CRAP, LOOK CRAP, ARE CRAP.
So now onto the street life, well by day as you would expect you don’t see much happening but it is i can assure you, whenever they look at you when you walk past trying to look hard or being territorial over there sh** whole area of a playground you should just be happy they aren’t drunk or high because they wouldn’t just stand there….they’d run and kick fu** out of you. In Bournemouth we also have the beautiful ‘Bournemouth Gardens’ where by day people sunbathe and foreign students play football on…at night its more like people are lying on the ground drunk off there faces, or they need to go to hospital from heroine overdose or they need medical attention from being beaten the s**t out of. also those foreign students who were playing football are normally the ones being chased, harrassed, or being beaten the s**t out of. Its also a fact that Bournemouth is right up there with the drug ratings in the country and of course the chavs have a nice influence on that sh**. They’re right in there, they like to get drunk and high or sniff some glue or powder before they come out so they then have the flexibility of hitting someone on the bus, street, club, gardens or all of ‘em if they’re lucky!
Then we come to arsehole of the arsehole….(Boscmbe, Bournemouth) now i am normally just going through there on the well known Yellow Buses going to Bournemouth for a night out with the lads but everyone knows about Boscombe and there gangs, crews, drugs, prostitutes, bums, etc. Boscombe has it all…. anything sh*t you can imagine, it’ll be there. I’ve heard of guns being fired, people being stabbed, friends getting jumped.
The chav culture is very much alive here as much as the estate agents and T.V. tell us how perfect it is, how the Conservative Party likes to have conferences here, we’re having a surf reef built, we have big artists coming to the B.I.C. (Bournemouth International Centre) to play gigs and may i just say AMUSEMENT PARKS we have the biggest right down at the bottom of Bournemouth Gardens at the Beach…. theres a whole damn building made for it and i suspect the councillors of Bournemouth are chav orientated aswell and deal with all the drugs aswell. We have spent over 6 years to get this surf reef…whats happened to that, apparently we’ve got that now but i reakon we’re paying for this stuckup fat pricks to be smoking everything they can for 4 years then there’s the IMAX cinema complex (a massive stupid building they decided to build on the seafront) which no-one wanted, the whole of Bournemouth basically said they didn’t want it yet the drugged up fat bas***rds went ahead and built it anyways.
Now, to the next chapter of my story the world famous East / West Howe / Winton chapter. we don’t hear much of East Howe anymore but we all know its probably because they’re building an underground army of chavs combined with squirrels but back to West Howe…

West Howe Crew…..the problems

1. there are millions of the lil’ fuc**rs
2. they’re split up into different groups
3. there are fu** loads of groups
4. they’ve like, strategically split up into all the different schools around escape
5. they no no boundarys
6. they’re well equipt
7. this goes on so i’ll stop here

basically they’re everywhere…..

okay so im gonna quit my moaning i couldn’t care less about them no more and to be honest i have quite a few friends who are chavs, i’ve been brought u with the culture (im not in it) but people need to know that Bournemouth ain’t the Heaven of this Earth, its the hidden, properganda altered lil crap of the South West of England….its not as sunny as people say it is….oh yeah btw


later mate


  • Elijah

    I lived in London for the first 14 years of my life, and ended up living in Bournemouth for 3 years. At first it was really nice. The houses were nicer and bigger than in London and it just seemed more wholesome than back home. But I slowly started to realise that this supposedly wholesome town is actually rotten as f**k. The people my age are some of the worst I’ve ever come across. I don’t think I can describe the type of people I knew with any real justification. For as long as I live, I NEVER WANT TO RETURN TO BOURNEMOUTH EVER AGAIN. Or Poole or Christchurch for that matter.

  • Billie

    LOL Bournemouth is crappy and full of gangs?
    I’m from Birmingham and I’ve moved to Bournemouth and Its Lovely, If you think Bournemouth is hard to live in try living in Birmingham! Birmingham council will sit back and watch you fight and throw the one will kills the other one in jail for 2 months…Its as bad as London now 100% My daughter went to nursery one day and a man was caught standing outside waiting to approach young children, A 15 year old boy has just been stabbed few days ago near my old house and your complaining about a few boys in Bournemouth swearing and having a fight believe me go to Birmingham you’ll live a sad life…No beautiful sceneries there no beach just a town full of sad people not enjoying life at all as there’s nothing to look forward to….as I have come from a Hard town I appreciate Bournemouth so much its actually a dream town and I can look forward to a walk down the beach after a hard days work. I’m 20 years old and wanted a slow pace lifestyle after having my daughter (2) and wanted a better life for her and Bournemouth is making us very happy