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It isn’t documented when Aylesbury was first twinned with Innit, but now one can’t imagine them as seperate entities. Aylesbury is a bog town, swamped with all manner of Chav species. Within Lowered Nova SRI driving distance of Bicester Village, a Factory Outlet built with Chavs in mind. A Burberry store opposite a Reebok Shop is enough to make any Chav stain their Karl Kani Pants.
Aylesbury Chavs have their own Chav waddle walk, partly due to the tightness of their trousers but also a fertility signal for Chavettes.
The younger Chavs congregate traditionally outside Macdonalds, comparing yellow gold jewllery, scrunchies and pushchairs. The glare from their Reebok Classics is one of the few man made phenomena that can be seen from space.
Standard Chavs can be spotted all over sunny Aylesbury, but best spots can be made in Friars Square Shopping centre, The Litten Tree(Bar Med with a carpet), Yate’s and The Yeoman. The shear quantity of bad taste and DSS money is overwhelming. The growing number of Mac Chain Pubs is a testimony to Chav culture and is self serving. These establishments allow Chav males to meet and create more pram-faced Chavettes. Proof if needed can be seen in Chicagos Rock cafe any night of the week where three generations of the same Chav family can bee seen drinking together and the oldest will be celebrating their 30th Birthday.
From Quarren-Dons to the Scruffcourt Kings, All together Now- “We’re Green, we’re White, We’re Farkin’ Dynamite – AYLESBURY INNIT!”


    ah!!-the strippers of the walton court centre i have been on stage 3 times! and i delivered nasalingus twice!
    that is nasal penetration to the uninitiated-after these occasions -i was told there will be no more strippers as the turn out has dropped -why ? i asked -reply-“too many black-or darkish birds- we prefer our birds proppa”-he meant blonde!

    you see in this chav sh*thole blonde hair blue eyes =good person, black hair brown eyes=pondlife

    aylesbury an absolute sh*thole-i could say more…freemasons are despised beyond belief, and if you are arabic, persian, jewish, french, italian, german, american-then for your sake avoid this place as you are all equally hated by the oh-so broad minded locals-and this isnt just the 20 somethings but the 40 and 50 somethings too…a very bad place to visit-and impossible to live in.

    I pity those who live there and are decent-they are the real minority.