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Prosperous Victorian mill town turned into Poundstretcher paradise.

Good Points: The M65 for easy exit
As an accrington exile I think might add a few words to the Accychav debate.
Firstly, a quote from our MP about Accy on Chavtowns
“It’s an outrageous slur on Hyndburn towns probably made by some middle class guys who’ve never been to Hyndburn.”

Firstly, this is my first post.
Secondly, my background is distinctly Accrington working class terrace houses.
Thirdly, I was brought up in Hyndburn, my family still lives there and I am up there quite often. Too often.

I’ve been back “home”quite a few times recently, and although a lot of small towns have seen a deterioration in “social standards” shall we say, it’s clear that Accrington takes the piss.

The big, brash lamp post signs warning about outside drinking are an early clue.

Growing numbers of junk food establishments another.

Closures of long established businesses and empty properties another.

The Netto car park looking like a max power rejects “cruise” (Not enough money for our cash-strapped chavs to soup up their Saxo’s properly even) – another clue.

Lots of people employed by the council digging holes and filling them in again (badly of course) is another.

Huge council tax bills caused by desperate communist style attempts to keep unemployment down by giving everybody a job holding a clipboard (free dayglo jacket to go over the burberry shirt is provided). Jobs all of course paid for by the local businesses and residents taxes, who then close down or leave the area because the can’t afford to pay the bills anymore.

Even the local MP “Pollard Pope” is in on it, claiming he’s a “Chav MP” Well, I really can’t wait to hear him doing a speech on urban deprivation and the death of local businesses (those selling stuff for more than a pound at least)
Would he say – – –
“Yeah but not but don’t blame me I dont know nuffink it’s all that Peter Britcliffe and the Tories fault, innit”
F_ my old cloggs you’ve had years to try to improve the town’s lot. And the country’s come to think of it. All that’s happened is more more chavscum now think that they can sponge off the state (ie those of us the WORK and PAY TAXES) than ever before.

Oh, Whatever happened to:
Wardleworths Books
Army & Navy
PV tubes
Hopwoods (?) electricals
Mary’s Music
etc etc etc

Still, of course the council is always keen to approve new business opportunities if it helps the local chavs. God only knows the Church St Chippy (surely THE best chippy in Lancashire) keeps going with all the chav burger & kebab places about.

I’ve been out drinking and partying everywhere from Bogata to Berlin to Boston to Blackburn. Believe me, by far the most awful, intimidating place for non-locals is Accrington.
Remember the old joke: Whats the first question at a Chav quiz night? A. What are you lookin at?

Narrow minded fuckwitt chavs who believe that they are entitled to live for free and abuse the rest of us for fun. I really hope that one starts on me at some point. I would have great pleasure in showing a Chav up to be the coward that they all are.

Oh, who on earth approved the “bypass” between Whalley Road and Manchester Road? What on earth good does it do? Now you have 6 sets of traffic lights over a half mile and you can’t get to the shops. Not that you would want to. Unless you only had a pound to spend and need a new white tracksuit.

I see and hear a lot of commentary about racial tensions in Accrington, and I have no doubt that they exist – I have been hassled by gangs of asian lads in clapped-out BM’s round Blackburn Road on more than a few occasions. At least the Asian chavvylads work seem to understand two old-fashioned words “Work” and “qualifications”, although the end result can be more angry young men. God only knows what the Asian community thinks of the appalling behaviour of the local sponging white Chavs.

No doubt Pollard Pope can come up with lots of bullshit about how the town is so much better than it was pre-97. Whilst it would be incredibly simple to destroy any argument that the spin doctors have given him to make up for his own lack of I really doubt it’s worth the effort, so all I would say to Pollard Pope is OPEN YOUR F*****G EYES AND LOOK AROUND HYNDBURN YOU SELF-PUBLICISING TINPOT BUSYBODY.

OF course there is NO WAY I want my name attached to this. My relatives living in Accy – there’s lots of them and they don’t don’t want to be spat at (again) robbed (again) abused (again) or have their cars / homes vandalised (again) by the ASBO collecting morons of the town.

Middle Class revolution – won’t be an oxymoron forever. (For any CHAVS reading this, OXYMORON is not an idiot friend of yours with acne.)

I’m trying to think of good points about Accy
Oakhill park used to be OK before the Chav vandalism & Arson,
The Coppice used to be nice until all the smackheads took it over
Warner street, the arcade & little blackburn road used to have lots of decent shops until the clever council started interfering

From the Observer online
Grep Pope MP acknowledged the problem.
He joked: “I’m wearing my Burberry baseball cap at the moment and have stopped for a spot of graffiti.”
Before he continued more seriously: “It’s an outrageous slur on Hyndburn towns probably made by some middle class guys who’ve never been to Hyndburn.
“But this does highlight the problem that exists over our image.
“When I speak to people in London or abroad they think the place is downtrodden and full of dark, Satanic mills but the reality is different.
“There are aspects we should change, but there is definitely a gap in perception.
“But my message to Hyndburn chavs is you need a chav MP, and I’m your man.”

  • calpol

    Its a shitehole, pure and simple. Even the well to do areas, produce some of the most bad hearted, mean spirited little scumbags you could ever wish to meet, simply due to the proximity and infestation from the bad areas that spread like a cancer to the better ones. Theres a certain mindset people have in Accrington, and its cruel, jealous and bitter. Winners dont get encouraged, but persistently put down, whilst the losers thrive as a mass collective consciousness that boozes, ingests drugs and watches footy!

  • anonymous

    glad you mentioned P.V. tubes. Love your post

  • i live here matey and run a business here,totally agree with you .lived here all my life and have watched it slowly but surely turn to sh*t ,white trash every where and everybody is racist ……asian& white .well most are ….

  • Sebastian Taylor

    For your information Accrington is not a complete chav town, yes i do admit there are chavvy areas and chavs about but they are everywhere, there is good and bad wherever you go. It is a nice small town and i do find it quite peaceful. It is the most diverse town i can think of, it is multicutural, you dont hear of people getting murdered or knife crimes in Accrington. There are a lot of good points about it, you need to be realistic, its a small town, yes it can get boring as there isnt many shops around but we all know that home is where the heart is!!!! We love ACCRINGTON!!!

  • high5

    wow you summed it up , I too managed to escape Accrington and have to come back to see family and its exactly as you say it is . I think the lazy trash need to get a job ! after they finish off there education yeh right!!