Living in Aberystwyth, Wales
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Ceredigion, United Kingdom, Wales

Ahhh Aberystwyth, a lovely seaside student town full of surfers, indie chicks and dudes and generally decent people with an above average IQ. surrounded by beaches and with a backdrop of mountains it is a scenic and perfect escape…..with one downfall its the end of the railway line from Birmingham and chavs/chavettes discovered this hideaway after falling asleep off their heads on “white shitte” an ending up here and making it their summer getaway.

Within a few weeks they are literally everywhere crowding the streets and the beaches. walking round the town slack jawed with the obligatory bad bright red tan lines. These little bastards will not only visit for weeks at a time, trashing the seafront, pulling up all the flowers and stealing from local shops, but will actually attempt to stay in Aberystwyth forever applying for a council house or a trailer cause “they wanna give little Jordan and Chardonnay a better future!”

They then go about breeding with the Aberystwyth wannabe chavs, creating this hybrid clan of absolute morons who look like a cross between Shrek and swamp thing, to fulfil their chav destiny of hanging around 24hr spar abusing students but making sure they are in safe distance of a security guard, so if someone does decide to give them a good pummeling, the police will be called and they may not be to badly hurt.

After visiting places like Salford and Oldham which seems home to a particularly nasty breed of chav (having a knife pulled on me on a bus because “looked like a mosher” init!) the Aberystywth chavs however intimidating they try to be come of as, pathetic losers in crap cars who go out with 13 year old girls cause no woman their age with half a brain cell would date them.

The population seems to grow every year and we are fearing an absolute take over what do we do?

  • sally

    From what I’ve heard from my boyfriend is that Aberwystwth is generally a nice place to visit. But to much dissapointment you do find alot of scmmy looking places or people which is not ideal! (I live in London by the way). I’d rather visit a town somewhere else then a place full of university students whom occupy the whole town and makes it seem cheaper than it is….

  • Lawrence Olivier

    The chav threat was a growing concern when I was a student there a few years ago. It wasn’t classed as a large problem then though just a growing concern. A few people peeing on the street, whizzing around and around in their cars only to fill up at the petrol station to do it again (Aber has a number of fine book stores…), or yes walking around with their thirteen year old girlfriends. Often young chavs (with kids). It’s otherwise a very nice and friendly place. Though there is very little to do for a holiday destination as well as being so out of the way.

  • C. Davies

    Despite the terrible reputation Aberystwyth has with corrupt councillors and inept council officials there are other serious unethical improprieties. The chav culture we see in the town today reflects not only on the widespread poverty and unemployment but also how the local authorities threat the residents with an arrogant and dismissive hand and spend their hard earned money on absurd and mindless projects, putting Scummie Brummie tourists before the town’s residents without prior discussion!

    Note: Scummie Brummies should be understood not a reference to all Brummies, just the uncouth chav variety.

    Note: Chavs should be understood not be a reference to a class group but rather to a significant sub-section of society which craves anti-social behaviour such as hooliganism, vandalism, impoliteness and general pig-ignorance.

  • sari-westwales

    totally agree with Penderyn, seems to me that some of you have had a run in with someone from Wales in one way or another and have decided to judge this area because of it!

  • Penderyn

    Well Widnes Babe talks like one of these so called ‘chavs’ and she has the audactiy to attack the whole group ‘welsh’. Widnes and Birkenhead have recent genetic ancestories with those over the border so pease dont be a hypocrite love.

    Aber used to be a very welsh speaking town which was warm and welcome to traders from anybackground, the ppl moving in is because of too many council houses built in too short a time hence in conjunction with council house transfers.

    This socio-engineering has being going for at least 800 years here so why I am surprised

  • AnarchyStocking

    Living in Aberystwyth as a student, I haven’t really seen many chavs around the place, to be honest. But when I do, they all seem to be small children with nothing better to do then to shout at passers by and attempt to flirt with teenage girls.
    I once had the pleasure to witness and giggle my arse off at some chavvy children go up to some 13/14 year old girls and nag them to call the little bastards. Luckily, the girls were smart enough to flick the V’s at them and walk out. Where were they? In KFC. Classy, lads. Real classy.

  • widnes_babe

    i live just outside Liverpool and i av bin aberystwyth – it is nout like u described it ders like next 2 no chavs der, der all little fukin goths nd skaters actully but den agen wot can u expect from the welsh lmao

    • Don’t call me mate

      Dey do do dat dough don’t dey dough

      • Dont call me mate mate and dont call me matey either or Ill have to have a longer name than you matey

        Ive lived here and have no problems from folk,even thow Im disabled and cant stop whistling,I whistle 24/7 even when Im asleep.I was in the army,but after a heavey shelling I just started whistling,so I was forced out onto civvy.Lots of me buddys were killed when we crept up on the enemy trenches,I started whistling,all killed except me.bye

  • jjnspike

    Castrate them all, that should work, if not you may wish to resort to napalm – it may be for the best.